Students and friends can extend their learning by attending clinics by internationally renowned clinicians, sharing in fun equine play days and testing their skills through friendly competitions.

2022 Events

Horse Camp Counselor Training
May 12 -15 2022
Students will refine their basic horsemanship skills, learn how to teach, and how to take responsibility for their students and horses. Students spend 16 hours, over four days, learning advanced horsemanship skills, horse care and feeding, basic first aid, job responsibility, and teaching skills. The class is open to students 13 -18 years.

Liberty Workshop & Lessons with Juliette Cimemtiere
May 28, 2022
Get started on your Liberty journey with Juliette Cimemtiere, horse trainer, teacher and star of Cavalia. Juliette will show us how to build the connection we need with our horse to do Liberty and share some basic patterns to get us started. Private lessons follow. Sponsored by ILHA Washington

Summer Horse Camps
June – August, 2022

Let your child experience the wonderful spirit of the horse and make a hundred lifetime memories at one of our summer camps. Our day camps are not just about riding. They are comprehensive programs that teach the responsibilities of horse ownership, how to be safe around horses and how to build a partnership with the horse through leadership; not fear and intimidation.

13th Natural Horsemanship Games & Rendezvous
October 1, 2022
Whatever “natural horsemanship” clinician or program you embrace gather together your friends to test your skills, learn, and have a weekend of fun with others who embrace a natural horsestyle.