NWNHC conducts lessons for students age eight and older who wish to learn how to build a respectful partnership with their horse and learn to ride with balance and lightness.  In addition to a basic curriculum for children, we specialize in addressing the unique needs of the adult student who may be getting back into horses or fulfilling a life-long dream.

Using natural horsemanship and Centered Riding® techniques students build a positive relationship with the horse through leadership, not force and intimidation. Our instruction is a comprehensive program that starts on the ground and works its way into the saddle. It is not just about horseback riding. It seeks to build a well-rounded horse person who not only understands the techniques, but the mind and spirit of the horse.

Lessons are customized for each student and include foundational instruction, advanced horsemanship, beginning riding, advanced riding (Western and English), and pleasure/trail riding. We believe in a well-rounded horse education, so students should anticipate study both on the ground and on the horse. Some independent, at-home reading and participation in equine events should be expected. You can use your horse, one of ours.

Contact us for more details and availability.