Planning A Horse Purchase (HC100)

Wednesday Evenings: 7p – 9p, TBD–Fall/Winter Quarter
By Appointment: Contact us to discuss dates that work best for you or your group.

Buying a horse is the easy part. Unfortunately, many first-time buyers or leasees act on impulse or emotion and end up making a decision that they soon regret.

Learn what you need to know to choose the horse that is right for you and what to expect for ongoing care and expenses. This is an ideal course for those considering or planning to become a horse owner and especially young riders who need to understand the commitment. Family members are encouraged to participate and a discount for parent and child is available.

As part of the course, students will research potential horses for purchase and work with the instructor to choose those that best fit their situation and are worthy of contacting the owner and/or doing a personal visit.

A small investment now can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Course Outline:

  • Choosing Your Horse
  • Making your budget
  • What horse is right for you
  • Personality, Breed, Size
  • Horse confirmation
  • Making your selection
  • Health checks
  • Sales agreement
  • Care & Feeding Considerations
  • Choosing stabling options & stable
  • Choosing health care professionals
  • Choosing hoof care professional
  • Regular horse health requirements
  • Health care records
  • Basic nutrition requirements
  • Choosing hay, feed and supplements
  • Tack & Equipment
  • Basic grooming supplies
  • Basic tack needs
  • Saddles and saddle fitting
  • Blanketing
  • Choosing a trailer


The class meets every Wednesday evening for six weeks. It includes classroom and practical instruction. Students are expected to come prepared to take notes and actively participate.

Your Instructor

Jim “Hutch” Hutchins
Hutch began his horse journey in earnest almost 20 years ago with a beautiful, but troubled, Thoroughbred from off the track. He quickly realized he “knew nothing about horses.” Over the years he has owned as many as seven horses and cared for as many as 30. This experience gave him the knowledge and perspective necessary to understand the challenges of selecting the right horse for the right owner and  facilitating a forever relationship. He has helped many students find the horse that is right for them and what to anticipate in making this big decision.


$350 Individual
$450 Parent & Child
$200 ea. Equine Groups (4H, Pony Club, etc.) Min. 3 students
$100 deposit required to hold your spot.

Don’t get stuck making the wrong decision!

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