Instructors & Trainers

 Jim Hutchins

  • Dir. of Education
  • Instructor
  • Trainer

Jim “Hutch” Hutchins

Hutch began his horse journey in earnest when the family purchased a beautiful, but troubled, Thoroughbred from off the track.  The search for how to bring peace and trust to this beautiful grandson of Secretariat led to the discovery of natural horsemanship.  The changes were astonishing and the knowledge gained from the wisdom of Pat Parelli and other natural horsemen gave Hutch a new understanding of the horse.  An understanding that was based on fairness, leadership, and partnership.  It was this experience that prompted Hutch to co-found the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center.  For more than 16 years, the Center has introduced hundreds of students to the amazing benefits of natural horsemanship and provided Hutch with the opportunity to see and work with scores of different horses–and students.

In 2008, Hutch moved from his behind-the-scenes role as Events and Operations Manger of the Center, left behind his 30-year career in marketing, and dedicated himself to running the Center full-time, teaching and training.  As a former adult education teacher at the University of Washington, Hutch developed his skills at organizing the learning process, explaining concepts, and encouraging and motivating students.  For the Center, he specializes in the foundational training of horse and human, as well as teaching children and those with special needs.  He also directs the education programs for the Center, the summer camps, and the  and the Warrior Family Retreats.

In addition to his duties at the Center, Hutch has authored articles on environmentally sensitive farm management practices and acted as the Chairman of the Washington State Horse Park Foundation–revitalizing the project and leading the effort that raised more than $3 million in state funding.  He is also on the Board of Directors of the Issaquah Grange Cooperative.

What students and parents are saying about Hutch:

“I appreciate what I have learned SO MUCH!!  Thank you for being an excellent teacher.”
Anna Y., Adult Student

“Hutch, thank you so much for all you do for my daughter.  She is having so much fun and her confidence is growing, not just with horses, but elsewhere.  The professionalism, gentle encouragement and thorough approach impress me greatly and are truly making a difference in my daughter’s life.  Many thanks for all you do!”
Ron P., Parent

“Thank you sooooo much for the great lessons!!! I am learning a tremendous amount and having fun as well. You are an excellent teacher!!!”
Sandi O., Adult Student

“My daughter and son have taken lessons from Hutch at NWNHC for years. As my daughter has continued to progress, it is great to see her confidence with herself and with her horse grow. I have felt lucky to find NWNHC.”
Colleen L., Parent

“Thanks so much, Hutch, for fostering in our girls empathy, leadership, and self-confidence through natural horsemanship and for listening to them and empowering their self expression!”
Tracey K, Parent

 Visiting Clinicians

Anna Twinney is founder of Reach Out To Horses (ROTH).  Anna takes a holistic approach to horsemanship focusing on energy connection, animal communication and time-proven natural horsemanship techniques.