Trail Challenge & Training Course

The NWNHC Trail Challenge & Training Course is designed to get you and your horse out into the real world.  The “obstacles” use natural features and materials that replicate actual trailride experiences: blackberries in the tail, low-hanging branches, downed trees, water hazard, hill climb, rock field, and more. You also ride a true trail that takes you past road traffic and barking dogs, through an apple orchard, and into the woods and open meadows.

NWNHC students and trainers use the course to advance their riding skills and desensitize their horse to the scary world around them. It’s a great way for you to enjoy your horse outside the arena or take those first steps towards a ride in the backcountry or local trail system. Even if showing is more your style, the controlled environment and challenges will help make your horse, braver and more confident in new places and to new experiences.

You can ride the course alone or spend a few hours sharing the challenges with a group of your friends. An instructor/ trainer is always available to help you and your horse through any troubles, offer training tips, and give you ideas to advance your horsemanship on horseback, on the ground, or at liberty.

Take a tour through the course

Plenty of drive-through trailer parking


On Your Own (up to three hours)
Individual Haul-In $40 per person
Group Haul-In (4 or more) $30/hr per person

With Instruction/Guidance
Individual $60/hour (haul-in fees included)
Group (2-5 students) $45/hour per horse (haul-in fees included)

Schedule A Time

The course is open by appointment Tuesday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Contact us to discuss available times