Wrangler Club

Advancing students’ equine education

The Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center offers young students a path to develop a natural way of being with horses; beyond the basics. Our Wrangler Club helps advancing students refine their riding and horsemanship skills and provides a safe and fun place for children to immerse themselves in the horse world though advanced equine education, experiences and  personal development.

The NWNHC Wrangler Club is intended for students who have already mastered their basic ground and riding skills. Club Members must pass a qualifying horsemanship test to participate or be invited to join.

Here are just a few of the things Wrangler Club members experience:


  • Horse anatomy and health
  • Horse psychology (Prey vs. Predator)
  • Care and feeding
  • Tack and equipment

Industry Spotlights:

  • Presentations by horse industry professionals
  • Occasional field trips to businesses and equine events

Ground Skills:

  • Move up to 22 & 45’ leads
  • Work with the horse at liberty
  • Encourage creativity and confidence to try new challenges


  • Build precision and focus while riding
  • Move into saddles and be comfortable at all three basic gaits
  • Participate in play days and friendly competitions

Community Service:

  • Volunteer at local horse rescue
  • Annual Christmas food drive
  • Volunteer at non-profit events

Members also receive discounts on private riding lessons, equipment and some NWNHC events.

Kids Club meets every other Sunday–10p-1p during the school year (starting 10/18/20).

  • 20 min. classroom education
  • 20 min. guest presenter (when presenter is scheduled)
  • 20 min. to catch and prep horses
  • 1 ½ hrs. horsemanship instruction (includes ground and mounted time)
  • 30 min. “horse time” for members to use as they want with their horse.  Instructor to be available for questions and assistance


$125 per month
Minimum three month commitment required.

Required for Contact
Required for Contact
Fees are due the first of each month. You can pay the full amount once per quarter or we can set up a monthly budget payment plan with a credit card on file. The monthly fee will be charged to your card each month. No pro-rated fees or refunds will be given in the event of missed meetings or early withdrawal. Minimum 3-month commitment required.

Call with credit card number or send check made out to NWNHC, LLC
Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center 32925-A SE 46th St. Fall City, WA 98024
Please note any special medical or behavioral considerations.