Horse Boarding

NWNHC provides horse boarding for students of natural horsemanship who want to share learning and enjoyment of their horse in a supportive environment, with like-minded individuals.

Our natural horsemanship philosophy is carried through to our husbandry practices.  Horses are turned out in mixed herds, in large pastures; environmentally sensitive waste reduction and composting practices are used; holistic horse health and alternative therapies are common; and all staff are trained in natural horsemanship horse handling techniques.

Boarders enjoy a pastoral setting only a few minutes from the city. The Center is nestled in the Raging River Valley at the base of Mitchell Hill. Eagles soar overhead, deer graze in the pastures, and the quiet serenity provides an escape from the workaday world.  The horses all live together in mixed  herds, much like they do in the wild.

Our Facilities

  • 130′ x 70′ outdoor arena
  • 60′ covered round pen
  • Covered tack-up area
  • Heated tack room
  • Onsite trails and trail challenge course
  • Student lounge & classroom
  • Perimeter riding path
  • Training equipment
  • Tack & feed store

 Boarding Options

  Stall Board

  • Bright, well-kept 10 x 10 stalls
  • All day turnout in large pastures
  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Feeding quality hay twice per day
  • Feeding boarder-supplied grain
  • Space in heated tack room
  • Heated bathroom and shower
  • FREE auditing of our clinics

Pasture Board

  • Large pastures with shelters
  • Feeding quality grass hay twice per day
  • Feeding boarder-supplied grain
  • Space in heated tack room
  • Large heated bathroom and shower

What Boarders Say:

“I want to thank you for what you’ve created in the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center. You’ve created a community for horse owners and wonderful environment for the horses that live there.” Marlaina C.

“I board my horse here, and I honestly wouldn’t want him anywhere else.” Jodi S.

“I would highly recommend this facility to anyone just starting out or just needing some guidance on handling issues that come up in the course of horse ownership.” Karen K.

Contact us for current pricing and to schedule a tour.