Horse Care Simplified (HC101)

Wednesday Evenings:
TBD–Fall/Winter Quarter
By Appointment: Contact us with dates that work best for you or your group.

You bought your horse, now what? Horse ownership is a life-long learning process with many “helpful suggestions” from many people and online sources. Where do you begin? This class helps cut through the clutter of information and brings you up to speed quickly so you can meet your horse’s basic health and nutrition needs, as well as learn what basic equipment you will need for handling, training and enjoying your horse. This course is ideal for the new horse owner or anyone interested in a deeper understanding of horse care.

Course Outline:

  • Creating your horse budget
  • Stable boarding v. pasture boarding
  • Introducing your horse to the herd
  • Basic stall and pasture maintenance
  • Nutritional needs and choices
  • Common health issues
  • Colic prevention and first aid
  • Worming and vaccination requirements
  • Equine first aid and wound care
  • Choosing your horse health professionals
  • Preparing your horse for the vet & farrier
  • Day-to-day horse handling and respecting space
  • Barefoot v. Shoes
  • Grooming
  • Horse tying–Knots you should know
  • Blanketing
  • Basic handling and training equipment
  • Saddle selection and fit
  • Bridles and bits
  • Leather care
  • Trailer loading and transport

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The class meets every Wednesday evening for six weeks. It includes classroom and practical instruction. Students are expected to come prepared to take notes and actively participate.

Your Instructor

Jim “Hutch” Hutchins
Hutch began his horse journey in earnest 20 years ago with a beautiful, but troubled, Thoroughbred from off the track. He quickly realized he “knew nothing about horses.” Over the years he has owned as many as seven horses and cared for as many as 30. This experience gave him the knowledge and perspective necessary to cut through all the information overload and get to the simple basics of day-to-day horse care, feeding, health and equipment. He has been sharing these lessons with hundreds of students for more than 10 years. As director of education for NWNHC and a former adult education teacher at the University of Washington, Hutch has created certificate courses that simplify the learning process, clarify the horse/human relationship, and encourage and motivate students.


$350 Individual
$450 Parent & Child
$250 ea. Equine Groups (4H, Pony Club, etc.) Min. 3 students
$200 deposit required to hold your spot.

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