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Welcome to the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center online.  We are here to be a resource for information and training in natural horsemanship.  The Center conducts lessons, workshops, clinics and special events for horse men and women who are interested in building a willing relationship with their horse.  Explore and enjoy! 


Jim "Hutch" Hutchins

President & Director of Education, NWNHC



What's New?

Liberty Clinic with Teddie Ziegler--Aug 28 - 30

Single-Day Auditing Now Available!

   Create a powerful horse/human connection at Liberty without tack, restraint or force. Teddie Ziegler, Certified Master Trainer in the Carolyn Resnick Method, will introduce you to the Waterhole Rituals that will begin a magical relationship with your horse at Liberty. Learn More








Intensive Study Classes--Aug. 31 - Sept. 4 & Sept. 7 - 11

Get a jump start on your natural horsemanship foundation with our five-day Intensive Study Classes. HS101 will take you through all the basics of Language, Leadership and Lightness.

HS102 will get you riding with confidence, a centered seat, and light hands.

   You can use your horse or rent one of ours. Class times are designed for mom's who have kid and family duties each day and retirees or self-employed folks who have always dreamed of being with horses.

Learn more





Kids Club Starts Sept 14th!

Join us this Fall and Winter for the NWNHC Kids Club. It's an intensive horse experience for kids who want to really take their horse knowledge and abilities to a higher level. Learn more


Extreme Cowboy Race Play Day--Sept 27th

Gather your friends and family and join us for a day filled with learning and a bit of friendly competition. Experience the fun and thrill of Extreme Cowboy Racing. Cowboys and cowgirls from age 7 to 70 can participate.

Learn more