Kids Club

Thursdays, 3:30 p – 6:00p

In order to help parents who are required to work during the Coronavirus Crisis and are in need of childcare in order to work uninterrupted, the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center is making available a Kids Club experience for beginning students.

Give your child a fun outdoor activity and educational opportunity during this time of remote learning. Whether you are working from home or home schooling, you will have “freed time” while your child learns about the horse. Students will also broaden their life skills through learning about the Language, Leadership and Lightness of the horse.

Our Kids Club provides a positive, healthful activity that expands your child’s learning outside the traditional school setting. The experience includes time in the classroom learning about horses and time learning how to handle and ride horses. Children are allowed to experience new and fun knowledge through the art, science and social community of the horse. They also get to share and develop their love for animals.

Class Experience

Kids Club is open to children from 8-15 years old. Each class is limited to 6 students to allow for social distancing and small group guidelines. The horse curriculum is individualized by age and is skill appropriate.

Monthly Tuition: $250

Covid Precautions

NWNHC is committed to keeping the children in our care free from exposure and exposing others. We are taking the following actions:
  1. Asking everyone to actively participate in hand washing and/or sanitizing before and after lessons. We have both hand sanitizer and wipes available in common areas.
  2. Implementing social distancing recommendations and warning against close contact.
  3. Disinfecting common surfaces such as door handles, light switches, chairs, grooming equipment and tack, every day.
  4. Disinfecting the bathroom fixtures and toilet every day.
  5. Temperature checks before class.
  6. Asking anyone with the sniffles, sore throat or a cough, to please stay home or go home.
Required for Contact
Required for Contact
Please note any special medical or behavioral considerations.