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Sylvia Zerbini Liberty Clinic

Liberty Trainer and Former Star of Cavalia



River Run Ranch

Carnation, Wash.

Sept. 8 - 10, 2017

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


NWNHC is proud to bring back to the Pacific Northwest world-renown horsewoman and liberty trainer, Sylvia Zerbini. This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the finest liberty trainers in the world!


Sylvia toured for many years with Cavalia and continues to share her artistry and liberty techniques in intimate clinics and through her Grande Liberté Spectacular. Students will discover the secrets of Grand Liberté and build an incredible bond with their horse.


"I saw Sylvia Zerbini at Grande Liberté Farm just a few weeks ago. It was beautiful, fun, and really inspiring. I highly recommend it." Linda Parelli


More about Sylvia at:



Sylvia's “Beyond the Stick” Liberté Clinic will teach you to speak the language your horse understands: energy; body postures, eye contact and voice cues. Once you begin to interact with your horse employing its own communication style, the response it gives you will transform your relationship. The two of you will connect in a way that you never before imagined possible.



Get personal instruction with two half-hour sessions per day with your horse and six hours watching and sharing with Sylvia and the other students. By watching the challenges and successes of the other students, you will realize a steep learning curve with your own horse.



Student & Horse

3-Day    $795

2-Day    $570

1-Day    $285

Only eight students per day



$50 per day

Watch and learn. Pre-registration required.


Overnight horse board: $30 per night

Nearby hotels and camping: Request information on registration form.


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or 425-222-3623